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Meeting someone through an Internet dating site and realizing that he or she lives in far away town or even across the ocean, makes it really difficult to keep the relationship going for so many reasons;
Usually the man asks the woman to come and visit him in his home town or he asks her permission to come and visit her in her town.
The cost of the ticket to come to his location should be paid by the man, because the man is the provider since ancient times, but if his economic situation does not allow him to do that, it will be up to the woman to decide if she wants to pay for the ticket or have the cost split with the guy.
If the “dream” meeting is successful and both like each other, then the meetings become a more frequent cross country flights or closer shorter flights (depends where they live) and if the couple is ready to commit this relationship to only “me and you” commitment, one of them has to give up either their job, their house or apartment, or close family, or all together their familiar environment and move to an unfamiliar new location with someone they love but not 100% sure about their personality, their habits or their character; Building a new relationship in a new place can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a “horror” experience.

So what can the person do ???
Take a little time before you give a commitment to move. Take at least six months to get to know the person better; Keep on e mailing to each other, talk on the phone and meet once a month, if possible, in person. When you start this “long distance” relationship, each one of you need to tell the other what is your expectations regarding daily phone calls. Not everyone has time to talk on the phone on a daily basis, so find out if this is going to be a problem; makes it possible to connect 24/7 on the site through chat rooms, so you can make plans to fit
the time zone that fits the two of you to chat through the site.
And for the final advice – if one of you decided to move to your sweetie location – make it for a short term, let’s say 2 months, so you can get to know each other on a daily basis and see if anything causes misunderstanding or arguments and if you can solve all these with a loving relationship you will be definitely ready to the next step – marriage !! because as they say, “Love Conquers All” !!! Be Happy and Have Fun !!!

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