R U MY DESTINY.COM Established in 2010

RuMyDestiny.com is a community of members from all over the world, in a ranging age of 18 years old and over. We cater to a community of singles looking for friendship  or relationship that might lead to a serious relationship and marriage. You can create a free profile, upload your photo, search the member database, and show interest in other members with a wink or  an email.
Our goal is to broaden your social horizons, and our belief is that by meeting a variety of people, you will find that special someone. And that can happen a lot sooner than you think.

Yet, We DO NOT Check background on members or non-members on RUmyDestiny.com, We review the content of each new profile and monitor all website activity with the exception of  CHAT.. The purpose of this screening is to minimize the occurrence of inappropriate content, fraud, and others who do not meet the criteria to join RUmyDestiny.com. Each member is responsible to do their own screening and background checks if they desire.

Do not rely on us to take on these responsibilities for you. In no case – RuMyDestiny.com will not accept any responsibility or liability for any experience you have as a result of using the site.
Use your common sense and take precautions, just as you would if you meet a stranger offline.

However, it is impossible to ensure that all members or content will be appropriate or acceptable to you because we do not interview the members personally, therefore, if you would like to use a company that does a background check click on the icon:

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